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Outline or no outline.
Get the perfect copy you wished was written for you

Rank-worthy, original content that's customized for your brand and speaks to your audience


Hi! I'm Mou.
Your Remote Content Marketer, Writer
On-Page SEO

Created a Great Product?

Now let's get the word out
& put you

In Front of Your Target Audience,
Ahead of Competitors

I work with early-stage SaaS startups and small businesses struggling to get organic visibility and traffic.

Often, they're told they can't compete with big brands and giant competitors.

But that's a BIG FAT LIE!

I'll create a killer strategy and write high-quality, user-focused content that will put you in front of your target audience and generate demand.

Let's get you traffic and put you ahead of competitors.

Because you deserve to be seen.

Because your product can solve problems of your ideal customers.

I've saved my clients $20,000+ in monthly budget and helped them get:

  • Higher rankings and search visibility.

  • SERP features (Featured Snippets, #1-10 in organic rankings).

  • 100% organic product mentions and backlinks at top sites like Search Engine Journal, Sprout Social, Wix, Neil Patel, Upwork, US Chamber of Commerce, and Verizon.

  • 10X organic traffic and leads.

Let's collaborate for fluff-free, authentic, original, and educational content your audience and Google will love.

What I Offer

On-Page SEO

I’ve single-handedly outranked leading industry competitors like HubSpot, Moz, Sprout Social, Hootsuite and taken the web pages to Featured Snippets and Google’s first page, sometimes in less than a month.

All without buying or building links.

I take care of everything on-page - from keyword placement strategy to  internal link and anchor text audits, header and title tags to image alt tags, and schema.

Content Writing

I ghostwrite for acclaimed digital marketing experts, and also take care of planning and writing content form online marketing agencies and early-stage SaaS. I take care of planing and writing content for blogs, and articles, ebooks, courses.

My blogs have earned organic links at Hurrdat Marketing, WikiHow, HackerNoon,, Lilach Bullock, Promo Repulic, and hundreds of other sites.

UX Writing 

I work with SaaS and MarTech companies to test app features and write detailed product and UX guides with screenshots, GIFs.

I collaborate with product development and management, and CX teams to understand customer feedback and come up with a content plan that addresses their queries and makes the company's product-based content, detailed app guides, and demos more user-friendly.

Content Strategy

Have me create a content strategy, topic clusters, and publishing schedule aligned with your quarterly marketing goals.

I'll study your product, research your audience, their behavior and pain points, talk to your customer support and sales, look up your competitors, and use the data to map a winning content strategy.

Content Promotion & Distribution

What's the point of creating awesome content if your audience doesn't get to see them?

Using Google as a promotional channel, we'll utilize local map results and Google My Business, and Google search for national and international exposure. I'll create your content promotion and distribution strategy for the web, social media, and community groups so you can leverage the existing content to build and engage with your community, drive awareness, and promote your brand.

Google My Business

Google Business profile, formerly known as Google My Business, can help you attract and convert local searches. If you're a brick and mortar business or a hybrid type that operates both ways - online & physically, I'll create and manage your Business pages, follow the best practices & optimize them for local traffic so you can convert them into orders.




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