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Mou Mukherjee

Hey there! I'm Mou!

Since you're here, I bet you want to know more about me.

I'm a product-led content marketer, writer, and on-page SEO.

I champion planning and writing content that educates your audience and ranks on Google's 1st page.

I've got decade-long experience in the digital marketing industry working with some of the most influential business leaders and SaaS businesses. I ghostwrite for marketing coaches and create best-selling courses and ebooks, blogs, articles, guides, mega guides.

My ability to put user experience at the core enables me to think from the consumer's perspective and come up with strategies that address their queries and put your brand/product at the forefront..

When free, I spend time learning and upskilling.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community; so each year, I volunteer at the United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNV) to work for charities and not-for-profits.

I also care for the local stray dogs, feed them daily, and hope to build a fully-equipped veterinary hospital someday that treats and supports abandoned animals free of cost.

Why work with me?

How many times have you been told that -

Your competitors are stronger than you so you stand little to no chance?

You can't outrank your giant competitors organically?

Your domain authority is low so your can't rank on Google's first page?

Now hear me out.

Despite working with smaller sites with new domains -

I've ranked product pages and my blogs on Google's first page, achieved featured snippets outranking top industry competitors like Hootsuite, Hubspot, Moz, Socal media Today, Social Media examiner, TikTok (official), and so on.

I've also written blogs that earned organic links without anyone having to beg and helped my clients' sites earn mentions at top places like -

  • US Chamber of Commerce

  • Sprout Social

  • Search Engine Journal

  • Verizon

  • Constant Contact

  • HackerNoon

  • WikiHow

  • Lilach Bullock

How did I achieve that?

Two things

  • By writing great, user-focused content.

  • On-page SEO.

Let's work towards making your target audience happy and empowering them.

I'll test your app, talk to customer support, sales, and product dev team to learn about your product, collect questions, use tools to find more questions from the web, and create a content strategy for you. 

I'll also audit your content, write product guides, app guides, and other blogs supported by necessary images, graphs, links that add value to your brand and educate your customers.

Do you resonate?

1. We're all learning. 

No one knows everything. I learn each day, every day. So if you ask a question I don't know about, I'll tell you that and get back to you with answers after researching. I don't fake expertise.

If you like working with someone who's honest, wants to solve problems, learn more, and do more, I am a great fit!


2. I have a distinct style of working. I'll supply a list of primary and secondary keywords, synonyms that I plan to target. But I may (or may not) skip certain keywords if they don't naturally fit in to the text.

Trust me, the more you ‘target’ the keywords the less valuable your content becomes.

Quality > Keywords.

Let the keywords appear naturally. That's how I ranked blogs and websites better than those who blindly follows a fixed keyword list.


3. If you're looking for cheap writers, my services are not for you. Also, I don't use AI writing tools and can't edit those articles for you.


4. You'll allow me the necessary time to research and finish my work. I research a topic in-depth before writing about it and I need sufficient time for that. Emergency and exceptional cases are always there, but prior information is appreciated.

If I manage the editorial calendar and SEO, I'll plan out the whole thing for you, put the dates and publishing schedule, and can even publish the content for you. Just so you know, I already have prior experience with Wordpress, Webflow, and Wix sites.

5. You're okay with me not using suggestions from Yoast plugin, Semrush's Writing Assistant, and similar tools.
Tools make our jobs easy, of course, but they're not 100% correct.
They have limitations. The sooner we realize this, the better it is for your content.
I prefer to create my own master list of keywords sourced from multiple locations.

The incredible results I got are a testimony to that.

6. You'll implement the suggested changes. Although optional, when you make the changes, you'll notice improvement in user satisfaction and rankings.

7. Your priority is to make your audience happy and create for them. Not just ranking.

8. You know that SEO is not a magic, rankings can't be improved overnight or within a month and not all your pages will be on Google's first page. You also know that SEO is an ongoing process.

Also remember that organic is slow.

9. You know that I don't offer off-page or active link building services. My work earns organic links.

10. You'll help me know about your product in and out. You'll connect me to your product development team, customer support team, and sales team if necessary.

Does this sound like you?

Do you want to add diversity to your talent pool? 


If the answer yes, we're made to work together!

Let's Connect

I love meeting smart entrepreneurs like you. 

Want to discuss your project? Want to check my work before contacting? Sure!

Just drop your message and you'll receive a response within 24 hours.

Since you're here , why not check my social and see what I am up to?

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